Oshubho Ahobaan

by Burial Dust

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The EP consists of five tenebrous anthems (including an outro). Subject of the anthems rotates from manifesting sheer blasphemy to focusing on the ambiance of death, from expounding occult to recalling the Egyptian deity Amun. Musically, they have added an eastern vibe with the influences from Early Mayhem, Morbid, Beherit, Von, Orthodox styled black metal acts and the likes; the aftermath is an uniluminated sonic expedition of 27 minutes time span.


Where is Your Rahmaa - Venustas Diabolicus (Bangladesh)

Full EP along with an Interview - Echoes and Dust

Full EP - Friedhof Magazine (Spain)


released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Burial Dust Dhaka, Bangladesh

Burial Dust proclaimed their existence during the culmination of the year 2013. The dreadful troop of Bengal preaches the unholy inscription to extinguish the false religious faiths of the society and sermonizes the occultism of death, darkness and superstition with their diabolical melody and chaos. ... more

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Track Name: Oshubho Ahobaan
ছিন্নমস্তা করে বামে ধারয়ন্তিম শ্বামস্তক্কাম্‌
প্রসারিতং অগ্নি লেলিহানরোষে দুষ্ট শমনীপদাম্‌
সম্মুখসায়তং সপ্ত অস্থি বিন্দে অহিত ধাবমান
তমসাবৃত তন্ত্রধারায় অশুভ আহবান!
Track Name: Where is Your Rahmaa
Saying, killing is haram
they say, killing is halal
in the name of Allah Jalal.
Saying, molestation’s haram
they say, molestation’s halal
in the name of Allah Jalal.
Alif, Lam, Mim…
“Erase the truth, establish falsehood
must die to do
but first have to take down at least two
think this not as terror.
Blessings will be upon all.
Follow my words,
will show you wonders.”
Oh Raab of Zinah
where is your rahmaa
oh God of all sins
where is your rahmaa
Husanah Asmaa
where is your rahma
oh self claimed Rabbana,
say misbelief is your rahmaa.
When they harass the woman
you call their sister
then they say your name
you tell it’s their treasure.
When the book is shown
of its’ prohibition,
you show the verse
and permit those.
Still don’t name the Most Mythical.
I spit on those faith
which has no logics to explain.
I spit on the belief
which snatches people’s relief.
I spit on those prayers which stands on some fake pillars.
A brainwashed mind
searching for the truth
shaded with the walls of lies
working for the peace
reviving chaos, atrocities.
Blinds will be failed
I ask their Lord today
Say, Where is Your Blessings?
Say, Where is Your Rahmaa?
Track Name: A Call from Home
Fienden Adhele Zhere ,
Dushman Zhere Nashtt Ho
Once you get the call from home
asunder your gore and soul
you’ll be kept alone
you’ll be left alone
you’ll be thrown to the six feet down hole
no one will be there
except the life full of fear
time will pass on occasion.
Age and age will pass by
lately you’ll decay
you’ll be food to the arachnid
gracer to dead trees
in the primal phase of eternity.
Invitation came…
from the place you’ll live all alone
mouldy word’s end is near
a call came from your home.
Hear the wolf’s bark, hear the mist’s shriek
it’s not the gust that you create,
it’s Lord’s gloom to take you near.
So pray... pray... pray…
ask forgiveness.
Track Name: Sandshaded Mausoleum
The result of incest
Birth of crippled prince,
Father’s heretic rules
Temple goes to ruin.
Develops chaos inside
The god’s curse falls upon,
Tragic death of Lord
Tragic death of king.

To the throne holds the prince
Return of the ruined cult,
The testimony turns
Oath to bring the god.
Who cursed the King
The god’s majesty falls,
Brings gold to the pharaoh prince
Brings gold to the pharaoh prince.

In the kingdom of Nile
And palace of sun god,
There the secret remains
Under grave of Tutankhamun.

Image of the sun god flashes
Into the body and mind of thee;
The slaved soul of pharaoh,
To him and to darkness,
Conspiracy runs within.

The kingdom storm turns
Blinded by unnoticed sins;
Eternal fatal strike,
Fructures skull and,
Death embraces the prince.

Sleeping in the temple of gold
The cursed death of the prince
Gods who was worshiped by,
Turns to succession of King.
Blessing to the sinners; who rules,
And clears the rules of the prince.

Lies he unreleased from the tomb,
Deep in to the valley of king,
Cursed Mummy and treasure it holds,
For afterlife and promise of him .

In the kingdom of Nile
Where sand hides the history,
There the mystery cries
For the plot of Tutankhamun .

In the kingdom of Nile
And palace of sun god
There the secret remains
Under grave of Tutankhamun .